Facility Officer

Posted on: 19-Jan-2023
Vacancies: 2
Salary: ₹0.00 - ₹0.00
Expires on: 30-Apr-2023
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Ensure all equipment and other facilities are functioning well. Develop monitoring systems or programs in institutions to detect problems in the initial stage. Initiate interventions to solve problems in facilities. Develop and execute a system for regular cleaning, repair and maintenance of facilities.


  • maintaining the facility and overseeing the daily administrative operations
  • overseeing the cleaning, landscaping and parking teams
  • instructing team members on the best practices to maintain the property
  • creating and maintaining budgets for maintenance, repairs and contracts
  • ensuring coherent availability and utilisation of resources in areas like transport, canteen and waste disposal
  • hiring external professionals for repairs for the building, equipment or machinery
  • developing and maintaining a vendor base for a cost-efficient procurement of inventory
  • overseeing communication and security frameworks within the facility
  • ensuring the property meets local and industry-specific safety guidelines
  • performing regular inspections to ensure the building is functioning correctly
  • going out to the market to compare and purchase necessities.
  • maintaining records the facility, including maintenance bills and payment information.


  • Minimum 1 year of experience in Facility supervision in an sector
  • Graduate Any Stream
  • Good english communication skills