Real-Time Analyst (RTA)

Posted on: 06-Feb-2023
Vacancies: 10
Salary: ₹0.00 - ₹0.00
Expires on: 08-Mar-2023
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India


As a Real Time Analyst, you will work closely with Operations, to help monitor Incoming volumes In Queues, and report on Daily attendance schedule adherence of Agents in real-time, ensuring optimum service levels are achieved to deliver consistent performance.

  • Adoption and communication of global intraday and scheduling guidelines to appropriate stakeholders
  • Enforce real-time adherence in all Work Types and Markets within the scope of the operation
  • Monitor the volume of contacts at the interval level, as well as the proper use of activity codes, overall onsite/offsite shrinkage, variations in AHT, and any other real-time events that contribute or impact negatively the execution of planned productivity hours to meet SLAs
  • Provide visibility and reporting capabilities of main SLAs and KPIs related to intraday and scheduling functions such as adherence, shrinkage components, projected interval compliance, and bidding completion
  • Creation and optimization of schedule shells, allocating productive time based on interval-level staffing needs, following region-specific labor laws
  • Appropriate distribution of programmed shrinkage (activity codes) to help ensure the accuracy of projections related to productive staffing commitment
  • Develop and maintain a scheduling matrix for each specific site and region; adequately updating information related to labor laws, shift types, and other considerations required to appropriately perform scheduling tasks
  • Recognize and communicate challenges and areas of improvement during, and after scheduling cycles; providing solutions to meet staffing expectations at the interval level


  • Experience in client product support
  • Proven experience in operating and directly handling scope of more than 100 FTEs
  • Know-how in managing real-time adherence in different lines of business in a multi-skill environment simultaneously (shrinkage, outages, under/overstaffing, etc.
  • Knowledge of WFM tools (Aspect, Verint, IEX) - Aspect preferable
  • Advanced Excel skills (LOOKUP, INDEX, IFS, pivot tables, MATCH, table arrays, macros)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proactive and able to take decisions based on real-time situations


  • 2 years of tenure in WFM intraday and scheduling positions
  • Diploma or Graduate
  • Minimum of 1-year experience in delivery operations
  • Experience in Engagement Management Workforce Coordination